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Sunil Samanta
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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Who are making issues which is not an issue.

Its not supporting ones or criticizing ones, but while going through news now a days its like child's play. Simply they are messing up things with nothing but just selling their product or say some cheap mileage tricks. At the end its simply making people loose the faith on the medias, but leaving a scratch on great/famous persons.

Now art of living is under attack by such bad a**, where as several valuable structures has been dismantled by famous actors, no action or debate or not in news at all. Have witnessed thousands of other religious programs where they used to clear plants they even clear valuable water bodies but no where its highlighted, at-least discussed.

A strict action must be taken on such people who are making issues which is not an issue, not harming, an obstacle for general public. Because some great persons educated that "Pen is a powerful tool than any weapon" so they are using that to ruin the people and people's faith and causing/creating in-differences between groups/sects/people.

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