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Sunil Samanta
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01. Must follow basic rules of mentioning "Ttitle", "Body", "Meta" and "Favicon" at the very beginning of the site/project.

02. Structure and code must be planned properly so that, a page should load in 10 seconds; because in this century of web you'll lose more than half of potential visitors if it takes more time to load.

03. Cross-platform/browser compatibility: Different browsers often have different rules for displaying content. At a minimum, we must test the site in the latest versions of all browsers.

04. Minimal scroll is important for the pages. Create links from the main page to read more about a particular topic, keeping in mind the usability issues. Even the Search Engines will reward you for this behavior.

05. Prominent and logical navigation; Place menu at a prominent, visible and constant place where users can easily view and navigate.

06.Descriptive link text is a process where, Usability testing shows that long link text makes it much easier for visitors to find their way around a site. Long, descriptive link text is favoured by Search Engines. Back links are important to give users a sense of direction and to keep them from feeling lost.

07.A strict follow is about resolution earlier 800x600 was popular, at present 1024x768 is widely known and used so need to make sure that what looks good at this setting will also work nicely for other resolutions.

08. Social Media Integration become part of web-site, also social media is critical part of marketing for any business, by keeping this in mind we need integrate social media icons/sectiopns at all possible parts but not too highlighting, unless we are sure to highlight.

09. If the site is of any CMS (Content Management System/Change Management System). We have to make it more user friendly so that it can be controlled from client's end without our assistance with minimal help notes, because client may need to add, edit, delete content, images, products and advertisements.

10.Content text that is easily read, must be maintained all over the site. Use fonts that are easy to read and are default fonts available on machines unless until specific instruction to use a purchased font or directed font.

Note: All these are subjected to change according to the present day web-technologies it may change, but we must take care about these in basic.

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