Sunil Samanta

Sunil Samanta
Rising India, Sunil Samanta web designer

About Me

In General

I'm simple and fun loving and respect elders, I think one should respect their elders as their blessings works on us to prosper in future. There is a saying "If we take care of our character, our reputation will take care itself", this is a never failing concept one must obey to this.

My favorite person is "Swami Vivekananda" because he is the person who taught the western world about what is knowledge and how should one be with elders and what respect is.  I request every man kind to help others/needy and feel the real happiness in sharing and serving.  Let us be sure, Humanity is only a religion.

My Profession:

I (Sunil Samanta) started my web designing career since year 1999 with an Aesthetic vision over web-site designing and interacting with local as well as Abroad clients. On behalf of the company I used to and I deal with the client's requirement and assure them 100% quality oriented work and satisfaction and has been also awarded with best designer in two of my organizations.  

In the present stage of my career am now working as Web-designing team lead on Mobile and Desktop applications, its really a nice experience to deal with different requirements, screens and frameworks.

"Learn something about everything, learn everything about something" is my motto.

My notion:

Its bad to say; if a simple and knowledgeous person tells something good/inspirational or really useful message, its just a speech and no one listens to it and makes fun of it but! if a Film star or a poor politician tells something which is meaning-less it makes impact on people and spoils the youth.  So keeping in mind all these I request the Film stars, Politicians and Great personalities should pass the message of good and help our Country to grow in right manner without Corruption and guide the Country to become a Super-power.

More or less, we must try to wipe out the corruption so that at least we can give bright future to our future generations. The present step taken by Shri. Narendra Modi, demonetization is very impact-full and giving good results too. On the other hand not only the corruption which is ruining our Country we have to concentrate on Law and order too, due to injustice so many innocents are getting punished, become aimless and getting spoiled of careers where as, the real criminals are survived and joining politics with the nasty backgrounds.

Never minding of reputation, name and fame if every one helps each other I think a politician need not come door to door to beg for votes.

Now a days Politics become a fashion and they are in intention that they can rule people! and break rules, people must observe these fake ones and act smart for a better and bright future.

No one is going to take big assets or ornaments in their funeral but if we help or giving helping hand to the needy then definitely we are taking big assets with us.

Last but not least I do say that "Helping hands are better than praying lips" we must follow this.

My All time Favourites

Favourite Historians:
Swami Vivekananda, Mother Therisa, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Rabindranath Tagore, Subhas chandra Bose.

Favourite Leaders:
Lal Bahadur Shastri, A P J Abdul Kalam, Narendra Modi and Anna Hazarre.

Movie I liked the most:  
Pother Panchali, Swadesh (Awarded on 60th Indian Independence), Tare Jameenpar.

Music I like:  
Classical, Drums (Kolkata Kali puja band).

Like to spend time:
With nature, Greenery, Water bodies and Floral.

Like to Participate:
In Social and Cultural activities.

If I get ample of time:
Do meditation, go through books, gardening and surf the web for latest happenings in all fields which is useful or knowledgeable.

Respect in :
Elders and our Army officers who sacrificed/sacrificing their lives at borders and who are safeguarding us from extreme elements.

Would like to visit:
Serene, Forest and Green Landscapes and the wonders of the world in my life time.

My dream:
To have a farm house of my own, with full of green vegetables and crops and cultivate the interest in cultivation in all by cultivating in an organic way.

I hate:
One who hates to help thyself and the person who hates to help others.

Favourite food:
Cooked with love and best Indian foods.

Channels I like to watch:
Discovery Channel and Animal Planet & Travel guides.

Best Quote:
All quotes of Swami Vivekananda & A P J Abdul Kalam.

My love:
My profession and what ever I feel good.

Interested in Technology: Solar Energy
Am whole heartedly waiting to implement solar power so as to stand out and echo friendly, but am discouraged as I enquired with so-many organisations and establishments but I didn't get proper info to go with one.

Fav Game:
Chess, Archery.

Just like that

More often people will be eager to learn meaning about their name, here is mine :)

The origin of the name from Sanskrit language
Su = Which laterally indicates the 'Bluish' color of lord as 'Su' means 'Lucky' / 'Holy'
Nil = Blue;

The name "SUNIL" is one of thousands name of "LORD SHIVA" - The highest entity of Hath Yoga.
Some people also associate it with "Lord Krishna" - The Lord of Yoga.