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Sunil Samanta
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Saturday, 9 September 2017

The silently inspiring people around!

I am surprised to learn about these legends existing in today's time. They are silently inspiring us with their unmatched talent, a couple of these great people include A.S. Rao and Anand Kumar(Super 30). They are truly the geniuses, India is looking for. Both A.S. Rao and Anand Kumar have almost caste a spell on my mind with their unparalleled work, their contribution to the society and their ability to evaluate and help budding minds grow to their fullest length, helping humanity from different aspects. I must say India needs more of such good souls for betterment of the society. I am proud being an Indian and to have such great men around.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Vastu Sastra and Vastu for Home is really mandatory

In today's fashion and fast growing world many are there who ignore Vastu for home, which is literally and scientifically wrong. Please don't ignore to get the perfect Vastu for your home, office, factory or plot. My experience about not following Vastu is so horrible which if not treated would have taken to divorce and family clashes or may I would have lost my life. By grace of god and help of google and some well wishers I did some R&D and trying to put things on right track. Hope all near and dear and fellow citizens follow the same and lead a happy, prosperous and positive life ahead.