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Sunil Samanta
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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Hats of to the dirty politics.

After Award wapsi, Lynching, Reservation and now Freedom of expression, Azadi. No idea what else the plotters will plot more and play with innocents.  Also not aware how they are getting time to participate in such events? Also they are not BPL beggers.  Its time to make aware every one to understand the situation and not to encourage such things to happen which creates loss to public and private properties too.  God/Justice may punish them in later stage but at this juncture, we people have to be aware of such happenings and not get involved in such things which creates loss for the country.

The reservations and free gifts are not going to survive us from coming obstacles or serving the rest of our life; instead we have to do hard work and plan for necessary things instead of spending on unnecessary things.  The things which we make needed must be of proper utilisation but not for show casing to show/prove your identity/dignity.

Its bad to say the news which empowers the youth or reaches billions are carrying odd/untrue news, hope they have some respect to publish the truth instead of fake news and cheap mileage tricks.

Hope the discussion of Smriti Irini in Parliament should be telecasted in all streets where they raised the drama/dharnas/agitations, to know the real reason of the suicide of the student in Hyderabad. Many of our brothers and sisters are out-tracked by the fake news and fake people's noise around.  

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