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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Real matter of concern!

Whole world witnessed the IFR-2016 show took place at Visakhapatnam.  Hope it has been viewed by millions and become good headlines in all national news papers(Hope so).  Here the matter of concern is few regional news-papers have furnished the news in a small multiple rows in the middle or say corner of an inner page where nobody can pay attention for such a prestigious show, which shows integrity and friendship of countries with India. 

Dr. Abdul Kalam sir told, is it not a responsibility of Indian media/people to see and feel good news and things which will really boost energy to do more good things!  Its not a personal home show or someones individual asset, its all about our country.  Hope the great Educationists and Great intellectuals should keep in mind such things which costs nothing for them but creates a great impact on peoples mind.

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