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Sunil Samanta
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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Hope a positive "Rise of social media"

These days its become a fashion to criticize some one get the publicity and later apologize for cheap mileage.  Our loving(because we wantedly selected those) politicians give them a big job later the culprits becomes politicians, this trend has to be changed.  People also must be aware of such happenings; lets be transparent and be healthy.  We will support only those who is doing crystal clear jobs and be open with public.

Few paid media working day and night so hardly to help those politicians or people who they need for their business needs, out tracking public with nothing but just for their poor sales. If nobody cares about the news it will be their winning, if not they will simply scroll down a message as its been mis-placed or wrong-info, some dogla words to cool down the issue.

Now a days after getting access to few popular social medias its showing the reality along with peoples view on that.  Hope this social media works transparent and people utilize them as a positive tool to learn, to know, to grow and to prosper.  Hope every one must have some social responsibility, to "Do good and feel Good" and maintain the stability in the country as a good citizen of India, prosper more good as Indian.  Last but not least; the bad doers may be achieving faster but, it will not last for long, but the good and hard work will last for decades or say last forever, a must know/n fact.

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