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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Routine critisizing for their cheap mileage of publicity.

It became a routine to pin point at some festivals for their political mileage or! they think it as heroism; Really don't know what they want to prove in their life; achieve in their life?! On Shivratri day, a message not to waste milk instead feed the poor! On Holi day, a message to celebrate dry Holi! Really if people are concerned about the environment, about the people who are around, hope they learn properly about the benefits of festivals, living and sharing with people by wishing good and doing the best for the needy/public/fellow citizens.
To make them clear, if they are really concerned of country's growth or crisis of water then, every one must have proper water sink at all residing establishments, then see how the ground water level increases. Each individual, plant good number of trees see how the environment changes! Pollution takes control! Behave and do good for all the people you are surrounded with, then see how the locality, surrounding areas changes magically. Try not to out-track people for your cheap benefits which is not permanent.

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