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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Will really hurt and we will not be able to re-pair it back.

In a daily life as usual I am also a person who loves to interact, learn, discuss new and happening things.  Few of my friends are smokers who smoke 5 to 7 times daily, so it happened to discuss with them that, why they smoke that much and heard few of their interesting opinions which made me no use to repeatedly asking them, as its their life and wish of living and loving.

Recently, it happened one of my colleague's father admitted in hospital and its not sure whether its a symptom of cancer/any other decease, which is sucking happiness of family and he is absent for few days and can assume how it pains.  Its not taking the opportunity to answer him but, with the pain I spoke to him that if at this time if his father demises then just cant imagine how the situation will be, it will be pinching the heart as his father didn't witness friend's marriage/kids/career.

I strongly recommend/request to be an abstainer, as bad habits not only sucks money but happiness too.

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