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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Observe who are playing with sentiments and making dirty politics.

Every common man is busy with their daily duties to earn, to learn, to prosper, to fulfil their dreams by facing obstacles like traffic, sudden change on transportation time changes, ill health etc.,  Here the mystery is who got the time to participate on un-wanted meetings called by Individual/Government/non-government bodies?!! yes ofcourse its needed when one thinks its useful and wanted.  The motto behind these unrest is simply traced like; they are having enough amount and
time and are safe about their future needs and requirements so, now only thing left for them is to participate on such activities where they can stage un-wanted agitations, dharnas etc, best example is recent happned one "Tipu sultan's birthday" which is even not the real date but it happened to claim some lives and un-rest.  The other shameful act is some good intellectuals participated on this and raised their un-wanted concern about the event which is really avoidable and thinkable as a knowledgeous person.

Above event is literally dont find anything beneficial for public but its clearly seen that they are making news for their mileage; wasting of public money, time; creating obstacles to public etc., Its our(comman man's) part to avoid such incidents/activities and be punctual with their daily activities and stay fine; just observe the culprits and answer them when they come for asking for favor/vote. 

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