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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Really it matters

This is sad and sickening to hear/read around here and there the intolerance/unrest.  People are out-tracked with such news i.e returning of awards, if a person earns bread with a particular certificate hope he will not return his certificate; if its an excess one or say he got with recommendation he will use it to highlight his presence or its like he/she not getting the benefits, facilities so he wanted to return because its not a show stopper. 

We have never seen in news, if at all!! may be in a corner column of news paper about the prosperity and growth.  If any one says or say a whistle blower his life will be at risk as per movies and news article updates(Also forecasted in Satyamevajayate program with proof.). 

Its our responsibility to know the reality, the truth and act accordingly while speaking in public places or say in group.  Positive minds discuss positive things and hope the prosperity will follow. Good day to all.


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