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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Growing artificial intolerance

It was never any Indian's concern to defame any individual but when they come up with controversial things then sure we repel with wordily comments so is the reason it become a fashion/business strategy to attract more public and mileage.  I really loved the actor's satyamevajayate programme also recommended to so-many of my friends to watch and know the realities.  After hearing today's statement from that actor about intolerance(Artificial intolerance which has been created for the benefit of those who are appetite of power/politics.) really feeling irritated and not to encourage any of his movies or shows.  Now I can say all his SatyamevaJayate episodes are done keeping business in mind and mileage to attract more money from present market. If his statement of intolerance is true then this step also taken to do free publicity for the upcoming movie.

Till the time we encourage this kind of people(Award returners, Giving speech against India, Encouraging other country by hating own country, Giving nice speech and looting in a smart way best ex: previous multi crore scams.)  We will definitely be facing one or other variety of such incidents which is none of our victory, but simply increasing those cheap mindsets, people and their money for nothing, in-return we will be wasting our time and money.

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