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Saturday, 12 September 2015

A small story which makes to think.

Every one of us have gone through different stories few teach us, few water our eyes, few fills energy within, few teach kindness, few fills Holiness and few raise the culprits within too. 

The best story once I read was; a kid scratched on a persons new favorite car and the owner of the car beats him and breaks the kid's hand with some sharp object, the kid cries endlessly for the incident and the person shook with anger. After few days the owner get the car fixed but the kids hand reminds about the incident and stays lifelong and remind about the mistake he committed.  Its a simple story over a small thing if the person would have controlled anger or say the kid is well guided the situation would not have raised.

The summary for the above is one must try/practice controlling anger, practice calmness and manage goodness for self and for others too, small bad doing in the time of anger will fill the heart with irreparable sorrowfulness forever. Good day to all by Sunil Samanta.

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