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Sunil Samanta
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Thursday, 17 September 2015

If we see at a kid of a year or two or; if you see people stuck in a natural calamity what will be the main difference we find?

Lessons to be learn from kids(Masters of their own minds also give joy and happiness to us to be with them.)

In the case of kid he will be playing or engaged himself with his own mind and thoughts without minding he is with whom, whether he has a threat from any one!, or say does he really belong to some religion.  He simply stays cheerful and makes others to be cheerful that's the beauty of kids.

In the same manner, when we of different people stuck in midway with some natural calamity; never minding of where we are from, what some body will think or say is there really a religion belongs which restricts to help man-kind!.. will simply put our whole effort to overcome the situation by helping each other.

Here the UN-answered question or say I didn't find till now; everybody knows the above statement and all are aware of this from kid to a sexagenarian, then why we are dividing each other by using such sensitive, life taking issues...  Hope one fine day we all realize this and be on one thread with integrity and prosperity with one theme and one slogan "Do good feel good, We all are one".  Good day friends happy Vinayaka chavithi.

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