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Sunil Samanta
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Monday, 7 September 2015

A serious matter to think and re-think what we are up-to.

In this 21st Century still we are fighting within ourselves by creating/dividing people into different communities or say raising communal violence.  People are jobless, few are hopeless/handicapped & Few lost their lives in some calamities/accidents all those who have real obstacles in life they are practicing, praying and prospering where as few who have bit excess money/power they are playing the cards.  

Lets repel on the corrupted people, corrupted thoughts, dominating communities, illegal issues & presstitute media. Realize things and act smart by maintaining peace which leads to prosperity. No-body asking us lectures on peace/politeness but if we follow what we read in schools that will be enough to maintain brotherhood with each other and have a healthy environment around.  Encourage who are doing good for the community for the people for the Village/State/Country.  Also put a note on self; few popular medias they are publishing the unnecessary illegal stories on top of page as full page news, where as our/Indian success stories will not be found in last columns or corner of pages.  Lets do something which leads to success for people for a better life, better people, better environment/atmosphere around. 

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