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Monday, 31 August 2015

Lets make things better with a better mindset and better things around.

We in many, have come across many mindsets and people around. Some are intelligent elegant some are smart and some creeps as well; very few as good leaders. We cant explain each and every individual's mind-set and characters because; few look nice and smart if you dig you will find a creep character or say matchless things/activities inside. Few people are in average to look or say they don't look nice are having very good and great hearts. But the nice thing of god's creation is its balanced or else the world would have been crashed till this time ;).

Coming to a straight point recently seen many self-made public figures who once created un-rest in peoples heart, who cheated public for their benefits now trying to establish organisations in the name of Indian public or say people's powers etc., in other regions/districts/areas(so that they will not be pointed out/caught by the victims) and they are using public as their human shields. Other important thing is they are using "community as their arms, education and knowledge as a platform" and establishing the fake firm(s).  Really shame on them don't understand how they grab public support with such creep mind-set.  The real serving people are not getting support of the public because they are straight with their words but; the fake ones are getting support/sympathy of the people just with their fake words and promises also getting human shield to protect themselves from the people who are victims of him.  No body dares to raise finger on such people, or say at times good people avoide and say that bad doers will face their own Karma(this makes the creep/bad people behave like heroes or public famous figures) also they are in news for some fake things/promises.

We people need to think and act according such characters/peoples who portray themselves as social workers but their main intention is to get power to rule the people or say looting the people with their fake/free promises. Don't know or am not aware if any such Govt. organisation is there to stack on such people, but we have to avoid such people to get popularity or play with peoples against people, which is just a game for them but the un-rest causes to good individuals/people are priceless and irreparable. 

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