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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

My encounter with a freedom fighter

I remember those days of my first employment as a DTP operator in ABG Infotech in the year 2000. A freedom fighter used to visit our office everyday in the morning we can fine tune our clock with his entry and leaving times.  As I'm the first to come and last to leave due to its something new for me, I used to chat with him regarding different Life, Vedanta, Politics etc., issues. Bad to say as per his statement he has no family to take care where as he used to treat or take care everyone as his own family member. 

On the other hand I used to visit my friends after office hours at home around 9:30 pm to 10:30pm almost every day.  As usual one day my friend found a wallet in the sand bed of Bheemili Beach, he found around Rs.200 and spent lavishly with friends and in the night he informed me to see a love letter inside the wallet, so keenly I saw that and explored more in the wallet if anything else can be found to my surprise I got Rs.200 inside the secret self of the wallet which I didn't inform to my friends as they may be wasted on nothing or just for eating.  I decided not to reveal the same with them because I found the depth concern of the money after reading the love letter of that poor guy.

Well, after the night episode I decided to give the money to beggars or the needy who really need that, so that the guys wish will be fulfilled.  I decided to give the money to a boy in the bus route 222, who used to sing English songs but he is not aware of the meaning but fluency is very nice, he had parents who are dependent on this boy as he is the only the bread earner for them, also he is also having some bodily issues so he only can do is begging in the buses also entertaining people.  I gave him Rs.50 so that he can stop begging for the day and can spend with his family.  From the remaining amount I decided to give Rs.50 to that office wala Freedom fighter, first he refused to take then I asked him why he is not accepting; He simply replied that I am getting pension of Rs.200(Don't remember the exact number) and I have plans to spend them accordingly if I accept your money then I have to reorganize the plan and he didn't want to do it, also he said why I wished to give him the money as he is not a beggar or say he is able to walk and do his own jobs without depending on others. He also said I don't want to accept the things which don't belong to him or say can change his plan of managing!!! First I was shocked because I felt this as arguing later realized the message; Still I wish I follow or people follow the same, the world will be a temple with all good people and prosperity around. 

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