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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Cheap tricks for business and mileage, which is really out-tracking common people now a days.

Its really disgusting to discuss or argue about the business tactics now a days. If they want a movie to be played well or want an instant response, first they will add a controversial scene or topic then the media comes to picture, some paid people will do hangama for nothing, at the end the poor public will think, that some important thing is going to be missed and they queue at, and make it happen to collect crores. Few movies without good publicity created records, hats of to the team behind, hope more good message oriented movies come and educate people in a positive manner.

Other main thing is media, some news channels don't remember even their name till I saw a clip on you tube; they hired some local bodies from Pakistan and debating with them about our PM, with some local personalities. The cheap mind set of Pakistan is that they even don't respect kids and woman then how can they speak about a loving Prime Minister. Because PM, Modi sir is in the tag line, it collected a good number of views and abusive comments as well. At the end came to know that a channel existed with the name. They got their mileage they wanted.

Some horrific situation is that now few people are injecting chemicals on fruits and vegetables to attract customers. This is really hazardous and life taking, hope they be educated and don't behave in that manner, because terrorists are killing by the borders but these people are killing within borders. These kind of people are more dangerous than who are killing at borders.

Other main topic at present is life saving hospitals; recently they are in the news like they treated and the person expired but they demanded few lakhs of rupees to collect the dead. This is really breath taking, one can't imagine sudden disconnection/disbursal of a member from home, no one can estimate the pain occurs. Hope this particular money minded-ness wipes out from those money minded people and cooperate with commons, which will really help to grow a healthy nation.

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