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Sunil Samanta
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Friday, 2 December 2016

Really makes bad feeling about these situations!.

A mother carries her kid for 9 months with lot of Hopes, Memories, Stories in her mind when she is pregnant. Don't have words, about how to express present day situation around. It was a very big issue; they have been proved in reality that they killed many infants which is really UN-bearable pain to the parents especially the Mother and an UN-expressible crime altogether, but no agitations or dharnas or any debate over it done by the so called politicians, may be it will not give them a political mileage, but hope they are getting good money so they are quite!!!.

Demonetization is a growth oriented, several good things are already out, but they are making it as an issue for nothing which will give them political mileage.

As a common man is it not our responsibility to learn these happenings, which has to be made debate and which has to be discussed and solved for the good of the people?.

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