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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Hope we would not have witnessed such creepy minds and so called leaders, growth cursers.

Now a new topic "Demonetization", to be frank to say am not familiar with Mathematics but still can say when this particular terminology is creating peace in J & K, when its an obstacle for bad drug business, when it is helping some extreme elements to surrender before government for peace, when the poor going digitized with happiness, when people are less afraid of robbery for small amounts, when people are happy visiting banks and getting interests for the amount stored....more are simple truths and benefits or say peace keeping things taken self care by demonetization.  All these are not done before which helps/beneficial for common man, but few leaders don't understand how they become leaders? and simply creating obstacle with their cunning speech and voice, what a irony its really! instead of supporting the great growing prosperous move they are simply degrading the great decision.

Its very cleary informed by the Government that, you can deposit what ever belongs to you with a simple proof which is a casual proof even we show in Rail when TT asks, why making it a big issue.  Every body knows it will be bit hectic or say bit time taking but its a positive move then why few intellectuals are against it??!!!

Its great, now road side grocery shop with PAYTM! why only educated will have the joy of banking! A chay shop now having some other payment application, we are growing its a great news.  Only thing its making clear that when people are getting educated the cheaters will be pinned down or say pointed out so is the reason they are opposing such great moves. Or other thing is few political power appetite people are so revangeous so they are against a good governance.

A request to all Indians, my brothers and sisters without any bad feelings inside! few culprits are on their way to defame India, may be an external/foreign element or those who are zealous about the growing India.  Or they have earned huge amounts where they and their 7(Seven) generations can eat at home without working at some where. Please notice those culprits and avoid them meeting and supporting.

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