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Sunil Samanta
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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The ugly mindsets, hope they grow and glow.

Great to witness few people's mindset and thinking's don't know what will be a proper category for those. They can never dream of a start-up which creates jobs for thousands; also they can't digest if some one already in it and become part of Indian history/development.  I'm no where related to a product or company but let me explain, because of those companies foreign brands have come down to earth and we are securing our currency as well. Here their dirty brains again highlight religion(because their ability to hate mankind and their brain is tuned in that way and its worldly news now a days) and religious products but I support Indian brands and secure our currency for our future. If am not wrong after declaring independence Rs.1 = 1$ but now it became 1$ = Rs.66, how it happened is due to adapting the western brands and food habits, so if we are able to stop even if a 1000Cr to flee from country its good and beneficial for our country growth.

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