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Friday, 4 November 2016

People say they care and dare

In this present competitive world no one have time to complain against their un-comfortness created by so called loving leaders, persons within their village or city; by mistake or by fete they are elected.
Yes, they have time to create nuisence to defame government or their un-favourable leaders for that they are paid, so they are also a kind of job holders as not to blame them. Every body say and guide as if they are concerned before crowd or camera, but coming to real scene no individual is in a position to help the needy(in reel life its been solved but in real life its tough to find).

Other than that, some times it pinches heart by hearing the news about present day politics its like rouges and their thinking's, actions about public.  They slap the army personal its to show public, they ask evidence for the achievements just to show to public, when the person dies then they visit the place to show their presence just to show public.  We the people are also in a state unable to understand these so called leader's mindset/intention their only intention and appetite is to grab power to stay in power except that we don't find any other intention behind.

The only weapon left in general public's hand is vote, lets cast our vote to the leaders who lead us to achieve records, who lead us to create new opportunities, who lead us to lift our head before the world as Indian, who lead us in securing life for our future generations, who cares for public and who is saving the countries wealth by not wasting on foreign trips, clearing debts and who is not wasting public money for publicity and party uses.

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