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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Cultivate the main habits for career success

Can adopting the behaviors of the top performers help you to be successful in your career? Yes it can. Career success deeply depends on how well you can identify and adopt the best qualities of a professional personality. The authors of the book "Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Success" believe it can and they have suggested 6 tips for career success.

1. Stay focused on your future

You got to break the professional barricades through visualizing your future. You need to visit your default future that you want to reach at. Envisioning your future will power you so that you can keep going up regardless of any setbacks in life. Think of the amount of money and the opportunities for promotion you most likely to lose if you don't stay focused.

2. Invest in professional development

You have to incorporate the professional skill necessary for advancement of your career. You need to figure out the skill in the top performers and acquire them yourself with adequate training, by reading books and by spending time on reading books.

3. Be a friend with the hard workers

Some people might enable the bad habits in you. A few others may tolerate them. The only way you got to know the best ones is to spend time with colleagues and friends who work hard. You have to identify people who share the similar career goals as yours and avoid the slackers around you.

4. Have a mentor
You will have to change many of your habits to aim for a successful career. Hence, you need help, you need to have a mentor who can encourage you to progress and navigate your career opportunities within the organization.

5. Put skin in the game

Reward yourself whenever you achieve your short-term goals. Moreover, the book says the threat of losing something - notably, money - can be a powerful inducement to stay on track. These small tricks will boost you up to reach your next step and will hugely help you to meet your career goals.

6. Create a comfortable workplace

The physical structure of your workplace matters a lot. A comfortable surrounding can help you to adopt new habits very fast. You have to get rid of the distractions around you in the office, anything that prevents you from being hundred percent productive. 


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