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Sunil Samanta
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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Man and Electronics, whats our future! where we are going?

Don't know how to express present human thoughts we say its hot, rather than taking precautions we again do things which will generate more heat.  Simple example; Now people are earning good money or say planning well so that they can buy new things for home like Air-condition, Refrigerator etc., which keeps cool or say good refreshments which is ultimately heat generators or polluting the environment.  Instead of buying an AC if we plan to plant a "BADAM TREE" its equal to 10 Air-Conditions, its cheap and it will save ground water too for better future generations plus added protection from heavy winds and other natural calamities. 

Hope people understand and take further steps which will help self plus future generations....wish to happen, heartly pray to happen.

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