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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Corruption in the Country

If I'm not wrong since few decades we are discussing regarding corruption in the country, for few days when it comes to light through a politican or any high cadre people then it comes to picture after few days it vanishes like how it came to light. As a human being who are stealing and stashing amounts in their lockers and swiss accounts does they don't have minimum responsibility to be part of successful and prosperous India, do they have Alien glands in their blood cells?

Now a days its a new trick and fashion to some politicians/personalities to take a channel or a program and tell moral stories to do like this or like that so that you will grow more, so funny! if he initiates in a well manner and help the real needy then where from the corruption comes from! now every one bows and salutes the politicians/personalities due to fear or for some favour, if he really with whole heart helps the people, public will stand and bow with polite and love, does this logic missed by the politicians?

Here would like to be clear that some people for their personal benefits he/she is trying to do favors and grab attention of the politician/personalities which is too bad and its like slavery act, and is ruining the culture and day life for many people. For self benefits they are offering bribes which leads to corruption. The public must be aware of this, they have to be clear about their needs and should not over joy to earn more, which will lead to corruption or changing the system for general public.

Its bad to say when the youth are adopting few fashion cultures like smoking, drinking and dressing from their heroes then why don't they learn the good things from them which made him to become a hero or the heroic deeds.

Best characters with heroic deeds has been awarded with great awards and prize money like Narayanan Krishnan (One must learn the passion to help the needy and feel the joy by helping others) and Anuradha Koirala (Who taught the world that woman trafficking is a not a pardonable act and show the path to live happliy while they are departed from the family) who won the prestigious awards from CNN hero of the year, one must learn from them and have fire in the belly to do such heroic deeds which will make our country proud to have such people.

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