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Monday, 6 February 2017

Astonished by todays trend and identity!

Hope every body have come across different situations where it proved them that they are nothing if they don't have money or say, money is only identity now a days!

Similarly this one is my story!

It happened to visit a temple after couple of years, where I donated power inverter as there is a problem of continuous power cut in that area.  Its not patting myself or portraying my work but it pinched something or some of my feelings like; on a Monday it happened to visit the temple and by mistake I forgot my wallet and didn't have a single rupee to buy a coconut or to offer to god's Hundi. As I know the admins of the temple they wished me as they didn't see me for long as I was a regular visitor but, to my surprise when I informed to the person who is writing tickets to name/mention the gotra, that person simply said like go and have a visit but he didn't provide me the ticket which has to be given to the priest and the ticket cost was Rs.5.  It really made me to note that I don't have money so I am of no value.

How we people transformed the world that living thing don't have identity but titled/branded/life-less ones leading the world.  Hope these things change and people recognize people,  respect each other and each others values as well.

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