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Monday, 9 January 2017

It became a very cheap trick by few educationists/politicians!

Its so shameful, these days any good move by government they name it as "Hampers the poor", "Hurts the poor", or "Poor are in deep trouble".  In reality so called people are not doing anything good to the poor, or the so called media. Still they play the poor card for politics.  Now a step ahead few leaders are publicly announcing that their party members can consume 2 to 3 lakhs whats the big wrong/difference in that, when arrested in their involvement in a scam, here cant understand who they are to judge public minds and play with public properties.

A person booked for his alleged role in financial blunder and when arrested their paid people are obstructing the public transportation which stranded several people, several trains cancelled which is not acceptable by any government.  Hats of to the people they forgot the Rabindra Setu(bridge) collapsed where, people died when they are on the way to their jobs, pupil to their school, vendors under the bridge etc., other regional things also happened in Malda vehicles are torched but center is not allowed. Recently Dhulagarh incident also claimed few lives still center is not allowed, also no solution for such things are taking place. Sad on few people who are obviously paid by their culprit leaders and supporting such things and creating unrest, when center is asking for an answer/solution they are in reverse, claiming the Central government.

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