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Sunil Samanta
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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Feeling how the things are transforming from one to another and creating a dilama between good and bad!

Earlier when the present Government formed, they said it will not last for long! days were passing with positive ideas, results and prospering; then, the things raised from the prestitutes/bejanma like, intolerance, award wapasi, beef issue, reservation demand, OROP and now fresh n fresh Dalit cases.  Hats of to those behind scenes; because never we heard about clearing debt in Billion Dollars to other countries, never witnessed a Guinness world record on few life saving things, never read a news about Air Lift, even never witnessed a great leader named after Swami Vivekananda named in the world and trying to unite the world to fight against terrorism and the extreme ruining elements in the society, also a Leader who never took a single leave and fighting for success every day and night, also who is avoiding luxurious staying in Hotels and staying in his own flight on international meetings and making India proud and "Make in India" as a prospering mantra on the world.

May be few extreme power appetite people will win but am sure we've got a leader with a clear vision and working on them like a machine; instead of supporting him people are trying to defame him and his successes. Nobody will forgive us if we are creating these many obstacles to a good man for doing good for the country.  The only way to make the country proud and to achieve a prosperous future generation is to support NAMO and his ideas, if something is missing we can always discuss as how people are getting airlifted and how things are doing better in Railways and Army, hope things will go fine and hope NAMO remains as our PM for second time and if possible many times.  Hope we witness Victorious Golden Prosperous India along with NAMO and his successes.

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