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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

If Petrol Vanishes from the Horizon

Hi, was thinking to create a short Film but not sure how it will be?! in terms of legal issues, so decided to put on writing as a story.

Well..! its a topic or say a question if you don't have "Petrol" in the world/Universe or say vanished, how will you explain to future generation!!! as "Petrol" used to play a key role in daily life of human beings.  I am sure the answer will be "It used to be like "Medical spirit(Used as antibiotic) added ginger odor", some one will say its just different cant explain, we used and wasted with unnecessary usage etc.,

At the end a message is to save petrol by encouraging public transport, usage of vehicles for unnecessary use, not to use/waste petrol for fun/waste/just like that purpose(s).

Appreciate your comments on this; And I hope the short film will be a big hit and also conveying message or say awareness creator in public.

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