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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A new Gaming concept hope it works-out and amaze people around the World

Hie, Friends...after viewing friends playing games on mobile I came with a concept.

As we all have Android mobiles, here is my concept of the game; who all wants to play need to/will install the game, while playing in the initial stage it will ask for a login and number of racers/users.  Once logged in, it will accept number of assigned user names, once user names assigned, in all the logged mobiles the racers will be displayed on a starting point track.  Once the race starts every individual need to play on their own mobile and it will appear in all logged mobiles with the game theme and interface with different levels in it.  Hope it will be a revolutionary game; because friends from different parts/areas can actively participate in the game and hope it will be an amazing experience for the game lovers.

Hope to have such game. What say? Its my own concept. Comments please.

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