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Monday, 14 May 2012

Ten ways to enhance and stimulate ones creativity, my notion.

  1. Connecting with people – Creativity is about people, therefore you need to build your network, engage with the right mentors and join Creative Communities.
  2. Creating right environment – Take control of the workspace and create an environment conducive to creative thinking like, this could involve setting up a place with a large wooden desk, a library and a soft leather chair, or it could be a quiet and relaxing retreat to read and think quietly without interruptions.
  3. Be first to learn new creativity tools – Attend seminars and workshops on creativity, and become familiar with a selection of creativity tools and techniques that you can begin to implement and use (e.g. brainstorming, mind-mapping, 6 Thinking Hats,  random word, visualization, morphological analysis, imagination, intuition).
  4. Expand mind through reading – Read books and articles on creativity, but also references on  personal development competitive stories and articles.
  5. Fun and humor – Play games, solve puzzles, attend comedy shows, take up a sport, go to the park, arrange get-together with your old and new friends and colleagues which will refresh, or watch your favorite movies.
  6. Take up the arts – Learn to draw and paint, learn to play a musical instrument, or participate in drama.
  7. Travel and discovery – Visit inspiring places such as Brindavan Gardens, Ancestral and Holy places, Near by Lake views or you can visit your local museum, Art Gallery, or relaxing holiday destination.
  8. Understand the power of your subconscious – Take advantage of the alpha state or the power of visualization to enhance your Creative abilities.
  9. Think and work on paper – Escape from the current dominance of computers by keeping a journal, an ideas notebook, or grab a pen and paper and write down the problems you want to solve and the opportunities you want to develop.
  10. Ideas to action – One of the most rewarding activities is to take the ideas you have captured, develop them further and implement them to achieve successful outcomes.

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