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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Worth trying

Knowledgeous sharing from one of my friends experience:

Sharing a great experience (happened today), do read below: Yesterday, on the way to office, I was stopped by traffic policemen (Ghazipur, Delhi), and asked to show relevant documents of my bike. I told them that 1) pollution certificate has expired and 2) Insurance copy that I was carrying is also outdated (although I have the renewed Insurance policy but was not carrying at that time). The senior Inspector told me to that this will reach to a heavy penalty amt. So he offered me to SETTLE DOWN the matter then n there. (A thought ran in my mind, asking myself: I was the part of people supporting "Anti-Corruption" movement lead by ANNA HAZARE, just a month back, and the practical situation was in front of me, n how to deal with that). Suddenly, I got my answer, and I refused them to pay anything, and asked them to issue a CHALLAN. Hence, they issued the same with 2 offenses viz. 1) Expired Pollution and 2) Expired Insurance and retained bike's RC (Registration Certificate). To pay the penalty I was to appear at Karkardooma Court (room no. 30) by 4pm today. So, I went there, at the scheduled time. The moment I parked my bike, a bunch of people called Agents approached me and started querying about the matter, and were assuring to do the job done in 15 min. and were telling me that for both the offenses I 'll be charged about Rs. 2000/-, and if I had the Insurance then Rs 1100/- at least, but they can settle the matter within 500-600 rupees (including their commission worth Rs. 100). From parking up to Room no. 30, some dozens of Agents approached me and delivered the same damn story. I told them "listen, If I were to pay You people then I would have paid the policemen and need not come here". I submitted the copy of CHALLAN and waited for my turn in Room no. 30. The (Lady)Judge appeared in the court and began hearings... after 5-7 minutes my name was called and was asked to present the valid Insurance doc. I presented the Original doc. and in fraction of seconds she announced the PENALTY AMOUNT, paid the amount immediately, collected my RC and the Amount Receipt later after the rest of hearings. HMMM... I know, u all are interested in the Penalty Amount, to my SURPRISE!! as well, it came to just Rs 100/-, nothing else. I was getting a feeling of Satisfaction and Proud, in the sense that, ATLEAST I TRIED to live up to the Ideology of 'ANNA's Movement' against Corruption, in real sense. MORAL: Never hesitate to approach the officials directly to resolve our personal matters. This way, we will get to know the actual rules n regulations and could contribute in removing CORRUPTION. Please Spread if u liked/not liked this. It was amazing experience

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